Adobe Captivate Prime

What is Captivate Prime?

LMS Experience. Redefined.

It’s a next-gen Learning Management System (LMS) that delivers personalized learning experiences across multiple devices. Align all online and offline enterprise-wide learning initiatives to skill, upskill and reskill your employees.

Setup experience that is a breeze

Simplify your life with an incredibly smooth and hassle-free LMS experience. From speedy setup to automation of routine tasks, do it all without breaking into a sweat.

Learner experience that is enjoyable

Create a culture of learning by offering stimulating, personalized learner experiences. From making learning fun to delivering it across mobile devices, keep learners coming back for more.

Measurable experience that is tangible

Transform training investments from black holes to informed experiences. From measuring the impact of your initiatives to closing skill gaps, get insights that you can act on.

Enterprise experience that is scalable

Turn learning into an organization-wide experience. From enabling training in the extended enterprise to integrating your LMS with your internal systems, grow your setup to your needs.

Next Generation LMS

Boost enrollment, engagement, and effectiveness with gamification elements and consistent playback across varied content types. Stay informed about employee progress and the efficacy of training programs.

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  • PC Mag: Adobe LMS review

    “Adobe Captivate Prime is a learning management system that uses interactivity and gamification to make learning any skill more engaging and fun.”

    - PC Mag

  • The 21 most prominent vendors in the stand-alone LMS market

    “Adobe was among vendors that are innovating, not only in the kind of content but also in the whole user experience and in the variety of content formats they support.”

    - Forrester

  • Discover the next generation of LMS software

    “In terms of next generation software Adobe is making industry waves offering an one-of-a-kind LMS experience that aligns with modern business.”

    - Tech Wire Asia

  • Top 10 cloud based LMS for corporate training

    “A modern LMS that empowers you to set up, deliver and track learning all by yourself . Captivate Prime helps foster a learning culture using gamification and mobile learning.”

    - eLearning Industry

Adobe Captivate Prime
$ 4
per month,
per registered Learner
  • Annual Commitment required

Free 30 Day Trial

“The Adobe Captivate Prime interface lets us quickly roll out curricula with the skill and competency mapping that we needed to align our business goals”

- Rick Ransome, Associate Director, Global Learning Strategy, Publicis Media

“With Adobe Captivate Prime our sales technician can quickly find and watch a video on their tablet or smartphone, which gives them the confidence that they’re providing their customers with the best solution to their issue”

- Jonathon Addington, Manager, Education & Training, Tintri

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pricing model for Adobe Captivate Prime?

Adobe Captivate Prime is licensed on a per-Registered user basis, meaning that Registered user license is granted to a single named individual who is authorized to access or use the service.

Is there a minimum threshold on number of users, to get a valid subscription to Adobe Captivate Prime?

Yes, the minimum threshold is 10 Registered users.

What is a “Registered user”?

“Registered User” is someone who is your employee or a temporary worker for your organisation or a third party contractor who is authorized by you, to use, participate and interact with your Adobe Captivate Prime account.

How can I purchase Adobe Captivate Prime?

You can purchase a subscription to Adobe Captivate Prime by contacting us to find an authorized reseller in your area. Please contact and include the name of your preferred Adobe reseller if you have one.

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