• Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Pricing model for Adobe Captivate Prime?

Adobe Captivate Prime is licensed on a per-Registered user basis, meaning that Registered user license is granted to a single named individual who is authorized to access or use the service.

Is there a minimum threshold on the number of users, to get a valid subscription to Adobe Captivate Prime?

Yes, the minimum threshold is 10 Registered users.

Do I pay monthly or yearly?

Payment of subscription fees is charged upfront annually.

Is there an education price available?

No education discounts are applicable on Adobe Captivate Prime.

Does Adobe Captivate Prime work only with Adobe Captivate ?

Adobe Captivate Prime supports training content authored in any e-learning authoring tool as long as it adheres to standards like SCORM 1.2/2004, AICC.

What is a “Registered user”?

“Registered User” is someone who is your employee or a temporary worker for your organisation or a third party contractor who is authorized by you, to use, participate and interact with your Adobe Captivate Prime account.

How can I purchase Adobe Captivate Prime?

You can purchase a subscription to Adobe Captivate Prime by contacting us to find an authorized reseller in your area. Please contact sales@daxdata.co.za and include the name of your preferred Adobe reseller if you have one.

Are there any volume discounts?

Yes volume discounting is available for 500+ learners and beyond. Please contact sales@daxdata.co.za to learn more.

Is Adobe Captivate part of Adobe Captivate Prime?

No, Adobe Captivate (eLearning authoring software) does not come as part of Adobe Captivate Prime. Adobe Captivate has to be bought separately as subscription or Full license (Perpetual).

How can I add and delete “Registered user”?

Adding or Deleting users is done through the Product UI and multiple workflows such as importing a CSV file, creating a self-registration URL or adding users individually are supported.

Still have questions? Let us know sales@daxdata.co.za